1st AMA with Alpha Batem (about OpenWorld)

  • Part 1: 5 general questions to Thong Nguyen to introduce Open World.
  • Part 2: Thong will pick 3 questions from the Twitter community and answer them here.
  • Part 3: Community will be given an opportunity to ask questions, and Thong will pick 2 of them and answer them live here.

Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community?

Can you please briefly tell us more about your project (OpenWorld) ?

So, in terms of technology and finance, what will help OpenWorld differentiate from GameFi projects and be a sustainable, healthy one?

  • Finance: Balanced circular economy
  • Digital experience: Entertained and value-created digital interactions
  • Art: Beautiful and distinct design from visual to sound.
  • The world itself should both create enjoyment for players to play and provide them an opportunity to make money.

Could you please tell us about goals you want to achieve in this year?

  • Map of the digital world has been completed
  • Technopocence is a centre city of OpenWorld
  • The internal demo of OpenWorld Prototype was done last week. We are finalizing it before the MVP launch in June, scheduled on 6th June.
  • We officially granted $50,000 by Harmony $ONE
  • We are in a $500,000 Seed Fund-raising
  • A bridge from BSC to Harmony is done

What are your plans for fund raising and expanding your team for OpenWorld development?

  • Currently we have 20 members (8 blockchain/smart contract dev), the team mainly bases in Vietnam.
  • The project and token are live in BSC and soon on Harmony, about 200–300 active gamers with our mini-game, 60K+ transactions in game, 1000+ NFT sold.
  • We are looking for $500K in Series Seed at target valuation at $5M to build up the metaverse prototype
  • The prototype will include on-chain DeFi and GameFi features that we built: staking, bond, P2E PvP, and may have on-chain/off-chain structure (we are debating this, not quite sure if we have enough time to put this in prototype of this will come after the prototype)
  • After that we aim for $5M-$10M on Series A to build the actual metaverse in MMORPG style with a major focus on digital value creation and circular economy.
  • The recruitment will need: 1 Chief Product Officer (Game Director), 2–3 Senior Game Dev, 2–3 Artist (including 1 Art/Creative Director).
  • We also need to build up our Advisor Board. The fields of Advisors we target is: 1 PE/VC, 1 Blockchain (Hopefully one from Harmony), 1 Game (Management — Background in MMORPG), 1 Game Tech, 1 Blockchain Tech.
  • Opener
  • Supplier
  • Blacksmith
  • Tax fee
  • Profit from our AI Trading bot
  • AI Trading Bot (part of OPEN DAO)’s profit used for buy back and burn

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

The end ./.



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