1st AMA with TribeOne (about OpenWorld)

Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community?

Can you please briefly tell us more about your project?

So, in terms of technology and finance, what will help OpenWorld differentiate from GameFi projects and be a sustainable, healthy one?

  • Finance: Balanced circular economy
  • Digital experience: Entertained and value-created digital interactions
  • Art: Beautiful and distinct design from visual to sound.

Could you please tell us about the goals you want to achieve this year?

  • We have lots of game transactions, trading and big, active communities from global to local
  • We have PvE to PvP but we want to build something better.
  • It’s why we will stop this mini-game on 6th June 2022
  • NFTs from the mini-game will be converted to OpenWorld NFTs.
  • Map of the digital world has been completed
  • Technopocence is a centre city of OpenWorld
  • Coding is in-progress for the OpenWorld initiation
  • We officially granted $50,000 by Harmony $ONE
  • We are in a $500,000 Seed Fund-raising
  • A bridge from BSC to Harmony is successfully deployed
  • Our team will have an internal demo of our prototype tomorrow 🔥

What are your plans for fundraising and expanding your team for OpenWorld development?

Open has proven strength in the wave of the deep, can you please share the secret behind the strength of open world success in battling with what the likes of sol and other considered mighty project couldn’t resit? That’s downtrend.

Your project rebranded from Xblade to what we have today with circular economy. What do we expect to see from your project in terms of making it keep growing as crypto space is facing bear circle.

The NFTs and Metaverse is trending nowadays.NFT are the assets user can own&invest in within the metaverse.What kind of NFT we can expect in OpenWorld?Metaverse are full of opportunities but it can be risky,especially for new user. What we can expect from OW&TribeOne partnership?

The end ./.



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