2nd AMA with AlphaBatem (about AlphaBatem)

At 1 PM UTC on 18 May 2022, OpenWorld is honored to host Mr. Scott Hague, CEO and Founder of AlphaBatem in the second AMA between us. AlphaBatem is a Metaverse project which multiple features and are opened for everyone to explore and create their own metaverse world there. Let’s get started!

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Hello everyone! Today, OpenWorld community is honored to host Mr. Scott Hague, CEO and Founder of AlphaBatem to have an AMA session with us.

For a brief introduction:AlphaBatem is a Metaverse project. You will have lot of time to discover about it in this AMA.

Some basic links. Scott will tell you more about AlphaBatem later.

In today’s AMA, we will have 3 main parts:

  1. Part 1: 5 introductory questions from me for Scott to explain about AlphaBatem and what it does.
  2. Part 2: 3 questions from Twitter
  3. Part 3: 2 live questions

In part 2 and 3, AlphaBatem have reward up to $20 in SOL for each participant who have chosen question.

Are you ready, Scott ?
Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem:
I’m ready :)

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Perfect. I will mute the group to start the AMA. When you finish your answer, please use ✅

First question for the Introductory part

Can you introduce yourself and AlphaBatem?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: Thanks Tran for the introduction!
My name is Scott Hague. I’m the founder and CEO of AlphaBatem. I have over 15 years of enterprise development experience focused on large-scale, globally distributed systems. Before I founded AlphaBatem I was a CTO and VP of Engineering at a global tech firm managing over 300 developers.

I started AlphaBatem as I was fed up with all the scam projects promising metaverse that simply can’t be built based on current technology. I had been working on a large-scale smart city project at a time when there were a lot of parities with metaverse (enterprises call this the “Digital Twin”).

Previously there have been technological limiting factors around running a metaverse on the blockchain or even in a decentralised manner, this was resolved with the release of Solana & ICP (Dfinity). Once I saw it was possible (albeit with a lot of development and starting at the foundations), I started work on combining many of my existing side-projects & platforms into a singular platform to provide the core layer to enable metaverse.

AlphaBatem is a metaverse infrastructure company focused on enabling the next generation of metaverses. We provide various services, including our own Metaverse Drag & Drop builder, which allows a user to build a metaverse and then view it on the Web, Desktop, Mobile, AR & VR! Our other services include large-scale multiplayer engines, on-chain logic engines, on-chain metaverse profiles, on-chain analytics & NFT insights, just to name a few.

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: You are a great man and skillful in this industry!

AlphaBatem has ambitious goals to reach to. Thanks for the comprehensive introduction. Now, let’s move on the second one

What are the best features of AlphaBatem?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: Here at AlphaBatem, we have a few key competitive advantages:

* Working at the infrastructure layer allows us to be a service provider to many metaverses rather than all other metaverses that employ a “walled garden” approach.

* We are working cross-device (Web, Mobile, AR, VR), enabling us to access a much larger audience than working on a single device or platform.

* The team has a track record in delivering large-scale enterprise-grade solutions for smart cities & advertising giving us an in-depth understanding of how to build not only a scalable product but also a digital economy backed by user-rewarding advertising.

Our most significant feature is definitely our Drag & Drop metaverse builder. It is a fully customised metaverse creator that allows users to create the metaverse of their dreams. It is very simple to use and doesn’t require previous coding experience.

However, there are many features we’re excited about, such as Cross-Chain NFT Import, Physical Goods & Retail Integration, Shop Creation & Display, Augmented Reality Wearables, just to name a few.

You can find out more about AlphaBatem and its features here

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld:

Drag & Drop metaverse builder. It is a fully customised metaverse creator that allows users to create the metaverse of their dreams

I like it a lot. It seems AlphaBatem team are building an opened platform for everyone to connect to and build up their own mini world there. Exciting!

I guess OpenWorld community are more curious about AlphaBatem

So, Where and how can I try out AlphaBatem metaverse?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: You can try out AlphaBatem for free at

From here you can explore user-created metaverses built on Land tiles or even try out the Drag & Drop Metaverse Builder. If you own an AlphaBatem Land NFT, you are granted access to the full version, total ownership over your created metaverse, SDK’s & much more. Keep an eye on the upcoming phase 2 to pick up your own NFT land tile.

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: I am impressive with Phase 1 of AlphaBatem. Everyone should try it out, especially they have free chance to experience it. 🎉So exciting to wait for Phase 2.

Next question

What are AlphaBatem’s plans? What’s on the road map?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: AlphaBatem is a tech-focused company, so we have been busy building new features & functionality that we will be releasing shortly. To highlight one, our Ready Player Me integration is now LIVE which allows users to create & use their own avatar in any AlphaBatem powered metaverses.

Our global marketplace will launch towards the end of the month, with our designers currently focused on creating a user-friendly & data-driven UI, allowing users to buy & sell NFTs or create their own. We believe that when purchasing NFT’s, a user should be presented with the right information to make an informed decision, so we have also implemented extensive social & on-chain monitoring solutions to provide enriched NFT information.

We’re also working on key integrations with Sketchfab and Minecraft, providing landowners with more building & asset options when it comes to creating their own metaverse, even allowing existing Minecraft worlds to be imported & played within the web browser.

This year, one of the biggest announcements will be the launch of our in-game TIME token, which rewards users for spending time within any connected metaverse. It truly revolutionises the play-to-earn structure and ensures a strong long-term economy via its unique mint & burn mechanics.

We’ve done so much this year, but we’re not stopping there. We successfully finished Phase 1 of our NFT land sale, where 100 NFTs were sold out. We’re now getting ready for the second phase, and we’re planning to announce more details soon.

Follow us on Twitter to stay informed https://twitter.com/alpha_batem

To find out more about our plans have a look at our roadmap https://docs.alphabatem.com/alphabatem/social-and-marketing/roadmap

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Thanks for the very informative answer. Lot of features and plans in your roadmap. That’s massive.

The last question for Part 1

Can you tell us where we can find more information about the project?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: You should definitely have a look at our whitepaper https://docs.alphabatem.com/alphabatem/ and our website https://alphabatem.com/.

And our metaverse browser

Stay up to date with all the latest announcements on our Telegram!

Our team is fully doxxed, so you can check out our team on LinkedIn. We’re also present on social media platforms. Make sure to follow us!





Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Thanks for all given links.

Everyone should join social media (above) of Alpha Batem to stay informed and ask for help from the team when you need it. So great for Part 1, Scott. Thanks for all your answers.

Now, we will move to Part 2, with Twitter questions. Are you ready?
Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem:
Yeah let’s go :)

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Nice! The first question is from @Ceyda_040

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: Ohh good question!

You can build whatever you want in AlphaBatem. A garden, conferencing room, NFT gallery or even an entire metaverse spanning multiple scenes. Only your imagination can stop you. We opened our ALPHA version to our Phase 1 Landowners, and we can see some amazing work being done by our users.

Recently we published an article highlighting one of our community members — VoxelBoss. You can watch a short video to see how he developed his metaverse

In the AlphaBatem metaverse, the users will be able to rent out the land or buildings for passive income opportunities. NFT Landowners will also gain passive income based on the TIME generated within their metaverse.

This is only touching the surface of some of the functionality within AlphaBatem but happy to go more in depth if needed.

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: It is a short video, 1 min so let’s watch it guys. I watched and impressed with the video, and how the guy built his/ her own Metaverse.

The second question is from @ECE5367

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: We have just finished our Phase 1 NFT Land sale, so currently, the only way to get a Land tile is on the secondary market such as Magic Eden (https://magiceden.io/marketplace/alphabatem) or our own marketplace at the end of the month! Stay tuned for more information on Phase 2, as this will offer additional opportunities to purchase land tiles.

Once owned, a Land NFT tile grants the user access to the full version of our Drag & Drop Metaverse builder and accompanying SDK’s. A demo version of this can be found on our site for users who do not own any Land.

With the upcoming launch of our TIME token, landowners will be able to generate TIME from their land NFT based on the users & activity occurring within the metaverse hosted on it. Landowners are also able to rent out their land tile to host other metaverses. Landowners interested in selling NFTs or Items within the metaverse are also able to set up their own store on their Land with full on-chain payment support.

AlphaBatem will also provide monetisation opportunities. Users will be able to resell land or buildings and create and sell their NFTs. Businesses and other projects will be provided with a wide range of advertising opportunities. In the AlphaBatem metaverse, the users will be able to rent out the land or buildings for passive income opportunities.

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Lots of things to explore and many opportunities to enjoy while playing and getting income.

The last question is from @Nevins61260772

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: Yes NFTs are a huge part of our project, not just creating them but enabling the next generation & utility on top of them.

We recently completed Phase 1 of our NFT Land sale, which enables users to build on the AlphaBatem platform and have a presence within the AlphaBatem Map. Upon launching our global marketplace, we will also be launching a new NFT system that encompasses our TIME Token and allows users & creators to sell Metaverse NFT Items & wearables powered by our Augmented Reality Virtual changing room technology.

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Sounds cool, and Part 2 is completed!

Now, we will move to Part 3 with live questions. I will unmute the group, then everyone will have 3 minutes to ask Scott anything. Then, Scott will pick only 2 questions and answer them. Let’s go everyone!

Scott, please spend a few minutes to pick 2 questions

The first question is from @overflowshut_5638

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and sustain. So how does your project plan to generate profit and revenue?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem:

Great question, we are not only focusing on consumer & NFT sales but also B2B onboarding traditional companies into the metaverse, our team also has an extensive track history in advertising both out of home & progromattic, we are going to flip the advertising model on its head and provide a platform where users are rewarded for viewing or interacting with promoted items.

We also have a large SaaS offering for other metaverse and NFT projects looking to build their own metaverse

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: The second question is from @ravinsos

Without an working products any idea has zero value. We see many projects are on paper only and no product. So, kindly ensure us that your project is just not an idea and it’s already has an working products or practical usecases?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem:

You can trial all our tech now and we agree. Being a tech first company means we will only ever release working products with working implementations, not just these fancy marketing videos

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: The third question is from @Rhett_Swift_70

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: All ABTM holders will have governance rights for the ecosystem, land owners will also have governance of their sector and tier to decide on the roadmap of their surrounding ecosystem

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: The last question is from @adelaida_cline_1992

@cloakd Most P2E NFT Gaming can only be played for PC users this is a major problem for users who don’t have PC so my question is will games be available in the mobile version? or only for PC Users?

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: We support all hardware options from web and mobile to PC, VR & AR!

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Thanks for all of your informative answers which I believe is enough for people to kick off with AlphaBatem Metaverse.

For more indepth-questions and support, of course, let’s join AlphaBatem social media and get help there. We will make AMA recap and publish it tomorrow.

So you can read it again and again if you want or if you don’t have time to join the AMA today

Recap of the 1st AMA (about OpenWorld)

✅ Substack: https://openworldvision.substack.com/p/1st-ama-with-alpha-batem-about-openworld?s=w

✅ Medium: https://openworldvision.medium.com/1st-ama-with-alpha-batem-about-openworld-4238cdfd7ff9

Let’s visit and discover AlphaBatem:

Mr. Scott | AlphaBatem: @TranDzungOW thank you again for hosting and @everyone who participated it was great hearing all your questions. I would also like to thank the Open World team for making this AMA happen!

Mr. TranDzung | OpenWorld: Thank you so much. It’s my pleasure to join your community yesterday and host this one.

We are building up a Partner Alliance and happy to have Alpha Batem onboard

Regarding to AMA reward, I will collect list of winners and make an announcement shortly. Thanks everyone for your time too.

The group will be unmuted now

The end ./.




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