2nd AMA with CoverCompared (about OpenWorld)

Section 1

Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community?

Can you please briefly tell us more about your project (OpenWorld) ?

So, in terms of technology and finance, what will help OpenWorld differentiate from GameFi projects and be a sustainable, healthy one?

  • Finance: Balanced circular economy
  • Digital experience: Entertained and value-created digital interactions
  • Art: Beautiful and distinct design from visual to sound.

Could you please tell us about goals you want to achieve in this year ?

  • We have lots of game transactions, trading and big, active communities from global to local
  • We have PvE to PvP but we want to build something better.-
  • It’s why we will stop this mini-game on 6th June 2022
  • NFTs from the mini-game will be converted to OpenWorld NFTs.
  • Map of the digital world has been completed
  • Technopocence is a centre city of OpenWorld
  • Coding is in-progress for the OpenWorld initiation
  • We officially granted $50,000 by Harmony $ONE
  • We are in a $500,000 Seed Fund-raising
  • A bridge from BSC to Harmony is under deployment
Bird-eye view
  • It’s for Art (one of 3 pillars)
  • Coding is in progress
  • Finance is solid (in thinking, idea, and model)

What are your plans for fund raising and expanding your team for OpenWorld development?

  • The recruitment will need: 1 Chief Product Officer (Game Director), 2–3 Senior Game Dev, 2–3 Artist (including 1 Art/Creative Director).
    - We also need to build up our Advisor Board. The fields of Advisors we target is: 1 PE/VC, 1 Blockchain (Hopefully one from Harmony), 1 Game (Management — Background in MMORPG), 1 Game Tech, 1 Blockchain Tech.

Section 2




A blockchain enabled cross-platform, multi-chain & distinct metaverse world

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A blockchain enabled cross-platform, multi-chain & distinct metaverse world

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