2nd AMA with CoverCompared (about OpenWorld)

Section 1

Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community?

Bird-eye view

Section 2

From https://twitter.com/IrshadAnsari__/status/1518909765207830529
According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?


How do you plan on expanding your metaverse?


With the trend of meterverse and so many competition in meterverse space.
What do you have unique in your project that makes it distinctive from others?

Changing from GameFi (p2e) into digital world with circular economy is a new thing in crypto. I am curious to how you guys will advertise or introduce it to crypto users, especially to newbie. Any other marketing strategies beside doing AMA? I read that the current users who have NFT (heroes and weapon) in Crypto War can convert the NFT on OpenWorld. Can you elaborate or give us a little hint about the conversion? Ty.

I have one question that you should probably answer. I wonder if your platform is specifically for gamers? What about non-gamer users? Can they still generate income even without playing your game? If so, what are the other possible ways?



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