AMA recap — 1st AMA with MetaRim

8 Feb 2022

At 2 PM UTC 8 February 2022, we are guest in the AMA which is hosted by Mr. Toby Tobias — CEO of MetaRim. On our side, Mr. Thong Nguyen — Partnership Lead of Crypto War & XBN finance participated in the AMA. Let’s read & enjoy the AMA recap.

Also, don’t forget to tune in for our second AMA which will be hosted at by Crypto War + XBN finance team, at 1 PM UTC 9 February 2022. Prepare your questions for MetaRim in that AMA!

Mr. Toby Tobias: Welcome Tran Dzung for coming to our group.

Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community ?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Thanks Toby. Nice to meet you and everyone in the MetaRim community

My name is Thong Nguyen, Partnership Lead of CryptoWar $xBlade & XBN Finance projects. I am crypto enthusiasts and have been in crypto market since 2016 so I have witnessed at least two bull and bear cycles. In crypto market, you should be witness of one full cycle (bull — bear) at least in order to fully understand how it moves. The CryptoWar $xBlade is a Metaverse gaming project that is spun-off started from a DeFi project named XBN that a group of my friends in Vietnam who are tech-base coders and investors initiated back in November 2020.

The team now has about 20 members in a group of diverse and complemented backgrounds: coding, venture capital, digital media, and business operation. We just grow our team from just a handful of pirate bandit part-time freelance members of 5–6 people to a full fleet ready-to-fight working 24/7 in just the past 2 months. That shows how fast we are growing behind the scene right now.

The core team knows each other personally and have worked together for 10+ years over various ups and downs in multinational firms as well as high growth startups across Vietnam, Singapore, and the US.

I pick out a slide about our team in our pitch deck here for the community to see:

We treat community members as team in a broader sense as well. We’re all on this ship together.

Mr. Toby Tobias: Okay,no problem.

Can you please briefly tell us about your project ( Crypto War ) ?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Sure.

We have been very much into DeFi technology in 2020 and the first half of 2021. In mid of 2021, realizing the implications that NFTs can revolutionize gaming into a field where gamers can play and make a living from their investments and efforts, we developed our game, CryptoWar $xBlade, that aims to become a Metaverse gaming ecosystem.

We emerge ourselves into Metaverse developments and are working day and night to create new features into CryptoWar so that CryptoWar can be an intersection of gaming, virtual social, and finance. Then we realized that in fact GameFi and DeFi is actually very closely linked, so our expertise in DeFi actually plays well into our development of CryptoWar.

Ultimately, CryptoWar strives to become a sustainable gaming ecosystem that brings enjoyment and roads to wealth creation for everyone. Players mint heroes, collect weapons, fight monsters, fight other players in the game to collect $xBlade, which is a native currency of the game. $xBlade can then be either cashed out for real money or further upgraded in-game items for more powerful heroes and weapons in order to collect more rewards in the future.

This is a big picture view about how we see our project:

Mr. Toby Tobias: That’s pretty cool ,I’m still reading your pic

So, in terms of technology and finance, what will make CryptoWar project different than other GameFi projects that are abundant recent months?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Thanks. It is a great question.

Actually if you think about that, gaming has been an isolated industry so far. Then suddenly blockchain and NFT enable the authenticity of ownership and create artificial scarcity. That add finance layer on top of gaming. That’s the first critical development forward of the whole industry.

Now the Metaverse and improvements in technology with AR, VR, digital twin bring another layer into gaming, catapult it to be game-as-a-service and open game world to non-gamers. Like you can shopping in game. Attend concert in game. That create a whole new layer of experience and height for the industry.

From technology side, we are doing our best to capture those 2 critical development in the industry. Currently we build this game 100% on-chain, so it’s completely transparent and secure. In the future, we will develop on-chain/off-chain structure with our game to so that we can expand our game into more complex functionalities.

Also we will bridge our game into other chains such as ThunderCore (we are working very hard to make this happening right now), Polygon, AVAX, etc. where the TPS (transactions per second) and fee are much lowers. In the near future our game should be able to played across 5–6 different chains.

From the finance side, we think that what make CryptoWar different is we try to build a balance game in various aspects: the game itself should both create enjoyment for gamers to play and provide them an opportunity to make money.

We want to build a game that may take longer time for gamers to break-even, but we can assure this one thing: there will be no inflationary pressure and gamers don’t have to worry about game collapsing.

Our mindset is to increase the intrinsic value of $xBlade is more important than go into the beaten path of creating a weakly designed game, collect gamers by advertising and provide unsustainable ROI to be competitive — and then blow up after 3 months.

Mr. Toby Tobias: All right!

Could you please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year ?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: You can see some of our tractions here for this year:

For our goal this year, right now we are focus on building a strong PvP core game play, shifting P2E into its rightful place of introductory and tutorial into the game. Now we only have the P2E feature, so everyone who look into our project judge it by how the P2E performs. In fact P2E is a very very tiny part of the game we are building. I estimate the significance of P2E is less than 5% of total value of CryptoWar $xBlade by the end of 2022.

This phase of building a strong PvP core game play already started from Aug 2021 and will probably last till May, 2022. We have 3 milestones on this phase:

  • Milestone 1 — P2E: Heroes battling Monsters.
  • Milestone 2 — PvP: Heroes battling other Heroes.
  • Milestone 3 — Market: Lending / Staking Heroes.

We just release PvP by Jan 4th 2022, which is the start of Milestone 2. Like when we release PvP, it’s not we achieve milestone 2. No it’s just the start. After we release the PvP feature, we’ll build a lot of things on top of it, with various game plays, various way that gamers communicate and interact with each others. PvP on itself is a vast space that we can add a lot of features to make our game more enjoyable in the future.

We also release xGem which is an in-game currency and can be used to buy different in-game NFTs — different boxes (Common, Rare, Epic, etc. and more use cases in future)

Lastly, we know that getting into GameFi can be expensive. So we are also developing a Free-To-Play mode and building features so that people can lend and stake heroes as well. Right now we have 200 gamers and about 60K in-game transactions. I think by the end of 2022 we should have thousands of gamers and probably crossing over 1M in-game transactions.

Mr. Toby Tobias: Good to hear about this! Now it’s our last question:

What are the project’s plan for the longer future, in 2023 and beyond?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: After we have a solid PvP playing mode, we’ll evolve our game into an ecosystem by elevating it with 2 dimensions (1) building social aspect of the game (2) build personalization features so that the gamers can make money by being an NFT collectors.

It looks like this:

  1. Milestone 1 — Building a Gameplay Relationship System:

• Clan System: Clan societies & benefits.

  • Relationship System: Family partners, war rivals, etc.

2. Milestone 2 — Tournaments: Ranking system & leaderboard.

3. Milestone 3 — Campaign Gameplay with Lore:

• Defeating Big Bosses.

  • Solving CryptoWar’s world mysteries & collect rare collectible items.

4. Milestone 4 — Personalize Hero NFT.

5. Milestone 5 — Building NFT Collection with Unique & High-Art Heroes, Weapons, and other in-game items.

Our first step is to build the market first for the in-game NFTs we have and then simultaneously building the collection.

In order to build the market, we need to develop a game society where gamers and traders and enthusiasts can make clans, become gaming partners, sharing ideas, joining a tourney together or defeating boss monsters together. Then we start to build craftmanship around in-game items and make it unique. It’s like a personal realization dream of gamers. Things you can do in-game that you can’t do in real life. This is a big motivation for us. Because reality can be very harsh, and with game you can become someone else, escape from the hash reality you have to face everyday. Then you have a cool, rare hero, and you have a market for that hero.

Currently there are in-game items like rare weapon that have been sold for $3K. So yes, NFT collection in our game does have value. But we want to unlock the route so that that $3K transaction can be $30K or $300K in the future, then it’s in our Phase 2, we hope that we can have this phase done by May 2023.

The last phase is going into Metaverse where we have enough resources to build a 3D game world and becoming a platform, engaging content creators everywhere to create in-game stories and items for CryptoWar’s Metaverse.

In this phase people can hold concerts in game, buy lands in game, shopping in game, and taking items from CryptoWar into other platform such as Roblox, Sandbox, or Meta.

Let’s see our big picture view:

Mr. Toby Tobias: Okay that’s all for session 1. For session2, we’ve chosen 3 questions from twitter, are you ready for this?@Tran Dzung

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: I am ready

Mr. Toby Tobias: Here is the 1st question:

How many Characters & Assets are there in @xbladecryptowar and how the game is designed ? could you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from the ways in which we can generate profits and the Marketplace that you have designed for the game?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: It’s great question from community. Thanks.

First let’s see 2 infographics

Note that in the first infographics, sales tax should be 4.5% after we adjusted it weeks ago.

Our game is different than other games because at beginning, we did not focus on PvE and aim at building up PvP. I think you can see how fast comes and fast goes PvE games are in last couple of months. PvE model is not sustainable in finance aspect so it never works for long run.

You can see many Play to Earn games are dead lately because of their broken finance model. We realize that since pilot phase of our game. If you observe the GameFi industry closely, you should know Axie Infinity stopped rewards for gamers in PvE recently. Considering Axie is a leader of this branch, it proves that our approach is correct.

PvE is an introductory phase to PvP which is our main product. We are improving our PvP with more features as well as more seamlessly experience for gamers. More important for gamers, it’s worth to note that with PvP, you will have chance to earn unlimited earnings because stamina recovery time is not applied, and you can have as many fights daily as you want. The bigger the game ecosystem is, the bigger chances for you to earn from PvP.

For how to start and earn with our games, let’s read more

Mr. Toby Tobias: Wow! Here’s the 2nd question

‘May I know about the Backers and partners of the #XBN , What Various partnership You have Completed till date and What is the Important Roles of these partners and Backers ?’

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Look at the screenshot

  • Cloudjet Solutions: VC backed IT company from Singapore.
  • Altair Alpha: Keiretsu’s Angel backed holding company in the US
  • XBN: DeFi project created from us before xBlade.
  • Altair Cliff: Fund managing company from the US.
  • ccFOUND: Web3 knowledge marketplace from Poland. Recently they have Wisdom NFT game which is cool and the beta version of ccFOUND Portal has been released recent weeks.
  • Quarashi: a superb crypto app from Romania. It has 6 modules in 1 and many of them have been released
  • Owl DAO + Owl Games: aims to be best casino with web3 solution with multiple products, use cases and passive income for their Owl token holders

In fact XBN finance is a backer of CryptoWar project. Many of our team members are from Cloudject Solutions, beyond that other members have known each other for years and worked together in multiple projects.

Our tokens $xBlade and $XBN have been added in Quarashi wallet as well as listed on Owl Games for more than 3000+ games which provided by many game providers

More than that, we are working behind the scene to deploy $xBlade on ThunderCore and you will see official announcement as well as our game on ThunderCore very soon.

Above all, we and our partners aim at building up a big and strong partner alliance. We will support each other in the long run with important upgrades, announcements as well as expanding our partner ecosystem to more projects.

Mr. Toby Tobias: Cool! The last question from twitter

Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does your project has entrance fee or starting conditions & if so,what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play game?

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Great question!

In general, to play our game, you must have both $xBlade and $BNB

  • $xBlade to purchase in-game NFTs: Heroes, Weapons, Forge weapons, etc.
  • $BNB to pay gas fee for each fight. Because our game is on-chain. Frankly speaking, with on-chain game, game provider can not cheat gamers because code is open-sourced.

CryptoWar has 2 modes (more to come): PvE, PvP

(1) PvE mode
The ROI for PvE mode is 50% annually. It is applicable when you mint a new Hero at $250/Hero. On average, break-even time is 3–4 months. The value/playing time is about $30/hour which is good because our game does not require significant playing time. By minting a new hero, you will get a free weapon to play the game with a condition that you don’t have any weapon in that specific account.

If you have good strategy to buy discount Hero & weapon in our in-game marketplace, you will have much significantly lower initial capital. It means in the long run, you will have much higher ROI than 50% annually.

  1. Also, we have referral campaigns for game and Bond which are helpful for you to increase your earnings If you buy our Bonds with good ROIs, discount price and claim $xBlade linearly then use it to purchase in-game NFTs, you will reduce your initial cost.
  2. Games: Invite your friends to play Cryptowar when your friend mint new Heroes, both of you will share a reward as following: • You get 10% bonus • Your friend get 7% discount Bonds: 1% bonus to you when refer your friends

(2) PvP mode

Your ROI will be possibly higher than 50%. Because with PvP mode, you can fight as many battles as you want.

No limit on Stamina recovery, no limit of total fights per day, etc. Of course, as always, you can win or lose when you fight against opponents in our PvP mode.

I forget to mention that in CryptoWar game, gamers will receive $xBlade either winning or losing their fights

Our team give gamers about $0.4x in case gamer loses a fight, that is good enough for them to cover part of gaming fee. Also, winning or losing fights, they will receive $xGem which can be used to buy in-game NFTs, as said above. Read more:

Mr. Toby Tobias: We still have session3, the live questions. You can choose 2 questions. The question which be chosen will have the reward from Cryptowar

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Sure, I will, let’s give the community members little time to bring their questions on.

First question from PerrythePlatypus

I’m impressed with your plan and milestones. It’s nice when you guys mentioned Free-To-Play mode. How it’s gonna work?

Let me answer the first question

  • The GameFi industry is crazy as it is part of crypto ecosystem which is very volatile. However, it is not free to play, free to earn party. Gamers in some aspects are likely investors. They have to invest money to mint NFTs, Heroes, weapons, mana, etc. to play games. So they need to earn from games to get their capital back.
  • On the other hand, as said, PvE mode is unsustainable so that many P2E games fail with it and gamers/investors don’t have enough time and chances to get their capital back. Here, we are not saying about scam projects with rug pulls.
  • Therefore, they hesitate to start experiencing GameFi games. We can sympathize their fear here.

From that point, we decide to open another gate for them, to experience our game with Free Hero to play. Obviously, there will be some deducted features with such Heros. However, the advantage is gamers are free to experience the game whilst can still earn.

As said in previous questions, our games have solid finance model and you can check it with the price chart for $xBlade token. Price hold very well even in massive massacre of the market last month.

Give me sometime to choose the 2nd question

Second question from Miji

As the world is dynamic and market is competitive Xblade as a Gamefi for cryptowar do you plan to give it a use case beyond game ?? Which will make investors and gamers feel secure to invest in ??

Firstly, you can see how good does CryptoWar project survive during market massacre Second, let’s see how long has it gone since the project’s kick-off and price still maintains very well. Forgot to mention that in $xBlade, we have buy back and burn mechanism, add liquidity from Bonds, etc. All of such are helpful to prevent arbitrage compromises and price manipulation. Its power has been proven so far.

In addition, if you look at infographics for Backers & partners, roadmap as well as above answers. You should recognize that we are not building up a lonely project. In fact, CryptoWar project and its token $xBlade will be used not only in CryptoWar game, but also will be used on other platforms. For now, we have

  • Integration in to Quarashi wallet which is cool with 6 modules
  • Listing and actively usable for gambling on Owl Games that is backed by OWL DAO.
  • ThunderCore to come
  • More to come

Stay tuned guys. You are just at beginning of something great!

Don’t forget!

Mr. Toby Tobias: Thanks @Tran Dzung for coming to Metarim Community for the AMA today

Mr. TranDzung | XBN & xBlade: Thank you so much for hosting it and it’s my pleasure to be here

I do love your project and your community.

Sneak peek, CryptoWar will host the 2nd AMA between MetaRim and CryptoWar, in our Telegram Global Chat group

Announcement will be made shortly after the end of this AMA

The end ./.



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