AMA recap with Degen Ape Strike Club

19 Jan 2022

At 2 PM UTC 19 January 2022, we are guest in the AMA which is hosted by Mr. Roth Mickael — A marketing manager of Degen Ape Strike Club. On our side, Mr. Tri Ton — Co-CEO of Crypto War & XBN finance participated in the AMA. Let’s read & enjoy the AMA recap.

Also, don’t forget to tune in for our second AMA which will be hosted at by Crypto War + XBN finance team, at 2 PM UTC 21 January 2022. Prepare your questions for Degen Ape Strike Club in that AMA!

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Hello @Tri

So welcome the xBlade Crypto War team, they are happy to talk with you about their project, what they want to offer you and answer a few questions

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Thank you for having us here @Degen Ape Lover and everyone! We call our team and our people degens too. Love to see and work with like-minded community!

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Yes I’m all ready, let go over the 5 general questions, then 3 Twitter questions, and then 2 live!

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

OK ! Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Sure! My name is Tri Ton, Co-CEO of CryptoWar $xBlade project. I’m a serial entrepreneur with background in private equity. I currently based in Austin, Texas, USA. The CryptoWar $xBlade is a Metaverse gaming project that is spun-off started from a DeFi project named XBN that a group of my friends in Vietnam who are tech-base coders and investors initiated back in November 2020.

The team now has about 20 members in a group of diverse and complemented backgrounds: coding, venture capital, digital media, and business operation. We just grow our team from just a handful of pirate bandit part-time freelance members of 5–6 people to a full fleet ready-to-fight working 24/7 in just the past 2 months. That shows how fast we are growing behind the scene right now. The core team knows each other personally and have worked together for 10+ years over various ups and downs in multinational firms as well as high growth startups across Vietnam, Singapore, and the US.

I pick out a slide about our team in our pitch deck here for the community to see:

We treat community members as team in a broader sense as well. We’re all on this ship together.

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Perfect! That’s the importante thing in NFT adventure!!!!! Community is the more important thing to get a success, because we make that for all the community! I love your mind!

Can you tell us about your project?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Yes, so we have been very much into DeFi technology in 2020 and the first half of 2021. In mid of 2021, realizing the implications that NFTs can revolutionize gaming into a field where gamers can play and make a living from their investments and efforts, we developed our game, CryptoWar $xBlade, that aims to become a metaverse gaming ecosystem.

We emerge ourselves into Metaverse developments and are working day and night to create new features into CryptoWar so that CryptoWar can be an intersection of gaming, virtual social, and finance. Then we realized that in fact GameFi and DeFi is actually very closely linked, so our expertise in DeFi actually plays well into our development of CryptoWar.

Ultimately, CryptoWar strives to become a sustainable gaming ecosystem that brings enjoyment and roads to wealth creation for everyone. Players mint heroes, collect weapons, fight monsters, fight other players in the game to collect $xBlade, which is a native currency of the game. $xBlade can then be either cashed out for real money or further upgraded in-game items for more powerful heroes and weapons in order to collect more rewards in the future.

This is a big picture view about how we see our project:

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

I’m really interested by your vision of Defi but In term of technology and finance, what will make Cryptowar project different than other game-fi project?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Actually if you think about that, gaming has been an isolated industry so far. Then suddenly blockchain and NFT enable the authenticity of ownership and create artificial scarcity. That add finance layer on top of gaming. That’s the first critical development forward of the whole industry.

Now the metaverse and improvements in technology with AR, VR, digital twin bring another layer into gaming, catapult it to be game-as-a-service and open game world to non-gamers. Like you can shopping in game. Attend concert in game. That create a whole new layer of experience and height for the industry.

From technology side, we are doing our best to capture those 2 critical development in the industry. Currently we build this game 100% on-chain, so it’s completely transparent and secure. In the future, we will develop on-chain/off-chain structure with our game to so that we can expand our game into more complex functionalities.

Also we will bridge our game into other chains such as ThunderCore (we are working very hard to make this happening right now), Polygon, AVAX, etc. where the TPS (transactions per second) and fee are much lowers. In the near future our game should be able to played across 5–6 different chains.

From the finance side, we think that what make CryptoWar different is we try to build a balance game in various aspects: the game itself should both create enjoyment for gamers to play and provide them an opportunity to make money. We want to build a game that may take longer time for gamers to break-even, but we can assure this one thing: there will be no inflationary pressure and gamers don’t have to worry about game collapsing. Our mindset is to increase the intrinsic value of $xBlade is more important than go into the beaten path of creating a weakly designed game, collect gamers by advertising and provide unsustainable ROI to be competitive — and then blow up after 3 months.

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Mate that’s a great idea to be multi plateform and we see the serious in your security and system building. You proof the importance that you give at your future hodlers.

Please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Thanks — we value sustainability and stability over quick hype and crash. Our mindset is: if we create value so that our holder become $1M richer, then it’s not different much to take a little bit longer time in a stronger foundation. Like, your token holders too. If they join Degen Ape Strike and they become $1M richer, then it happens in Year 1 or Year 2 is both fine. Even if it goes to Year

It’s much better than become $1M richer in Year 1, then go to $0M in Year 2, and so on. So we really look for the solidity of our whole project and value we create.

For our goal this year, right now we are focus on building a strong PvP core game play, shifting P2E into its rightful place of introductory and tutorial into the game. Now we only have the P2E feature, so everyone who look into our project judge it by how the P2E performs. In fact P2E is a very very tiny part of the game we are building. I estimate the significance of P2E is less than 5% of total value of CryptoWar $xBlade by the end of 2022.

This phase of building a strong PvP core game play already started from Aug 2021 and will probably last till May, 2022. We have 3 milestones on this phase:

  1. Milestone 1 — P2E: Heroes battling Monsters.
  2. Milestone 2 — PvP: Heroes battling other Heroes.
  3. Milestone 3 — Market: Lending / Staking Heroes.

We just release PvP by Jan 4th 2022, which is the start of Milestone 2. Like when we release PvP, it’s not we achieve milestone 2. No it’s just the start. After we release the PvP feature, we’ll build a lot of things on top of it, with various game plays, various way that gamers communicate and interact with each others. PvP on itself is a vast space that we can add a lot of features to make our game more enjoyable in the future.

Lastly, we know that getting into GameFi can be expensive. So we are also developing a Free-To-Play mode and building features so that people can lend and stake heroes as well. Right now we have 200 gamers and about 60K in-game transactions. I think by the end of 2022 we should have thousands of gamers and probably crossing over 1M in-game transactions.

You can see some of our tractions here for this year:

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

@Tri its good and clear! A lot of work in a short time!

And yet the last general question!

What are the project’s plan for the longer future, in 2023 and beyond?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

After we have a solid PvP playing mode, we’ll evolve our game into an ecosystem by elevating it with 2 dimensions

(1) building social aspect of the game

(2) build personalization features so that the gamers can make money by being an NFT collectors.

It looks like this:

Milestone 1 — Building a Gameplay Relationship System:

  • Clan System: Clan societies & benefits.
  • Relationship System: Family partners, war rivals, etc.

Milestone 2 — Tournaments:

  • Ranking system & leaderboard.

Milestone 3 — Campaign Gameplay with Lore:

  • Defeating Big Bosses.
  • Solving CryptoWar’s world mysteries & collect rare collectible items.

Milestone 4 — Personalize Hero NFT.

Milestone 5 — Building NFT Collection with Unique & High-Art Heroes, Weapons, and other in-game items.

Our first step is to build the market first for the in-game NFTs we have and then simultaneously building the collection. In order to build the market, we need to develop a game society where gamers and traders and enthusiasts can make clans, become gaming partners, sharing ideas, joining a tourney together or defeating boss monsters together. Then we start to build craftmanship around in-game items and make it unique. It’s like a personal realization dream of gamers. Things you can do in-game that you can’t do in real life. This is a big motivation for us. Because reality can be very harsh, and with game you can become someone else, escape from the hash reality you have to face everyday. Then you have a cool, rare hero, and you have a market for that hero.

Currently there are in-game items like rare weapon that have been sold for $3K. So yes, NFT collection in our game does have value. But we want to unlock the route so that that $3K transaction can be $30K or $300K in the future, then it’s in our Phase 2, we hope that we can have this phase done by May 2023.

The last phase is going into metaverse where we have enough resources to build a 3D game world and becoming a platform, engaging content creators everywhere to create in-game stories and items for CryptoWar’s Metaverse. In this phase people can hold concerts in game, buy lands in game, shopping in game, and taking items from CryptoWar into other platform such as Roblox, Sandbox, or Meta.

Here is our big picture view:

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Thanks @Tri about this awesome project presentation

So I have a lot of questions on Twitter but I think 3 is the best way to respond clearly.

The first one!

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Sure let go!

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your token in the long term?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

There are 2 dimensions related to this question. The first is the project dimension and the second is the investor dimension.

First of all from the project stand point, the project need to focus on building good, fundamental intrinsic value, so that the project valuation appreciates through time. Essentially if the project has value and that value increases through time, then the price on the market should increase with it as well.

Second of all is the token holder, the token holder needs to adopt a long-term view on her investment thinking. Of course everyone is different, but it is mathematically better and proven to find a few good projects to invest, and then stick with those project through time. Time in the market is better than timing the market.

So to answer that question:

  1. Investors need to think and research a lot about any project that she/he invest into. Because if the investors have no mindset in finding a good, strong project, then she/he will not spend time to study and build conviction about the project and she/he can’t hold token during tough time.
  2. The project itself also need to think about where is the intrinsic value that the project will bring to the token holders? In our view, we want to build a game with a lot of features that in the end will become money making machine. Essentially we want our features to make money. When we generate a lot of cash from our project, we will reinvest into R&D and make the project even better, the design even more robust, and develop even more immersive feature for gamers and token holders.

It can look like this:

So the token holders know that they invest into a strong fundamental solid project that in the future will generate a lot of cash, and have a strong and loyal customer base. That where the value comes from and that’s why the token holder can be confident in holding the $xBlade token in the long run.

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

This is exactly the way of seeing that all our Followers should follow!

Second question

Team member is an Internal part of a project. So, tell us how’s background of them and how developers are working on this project?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Let summary it this way, in a combined way:

  • Our team have ~140 years in experience doing business (averagely ~7 year/person x 20 members)
  • Finance: study, research, and due diligence through >$2B worth of deal flow from venture capital/private equity perspective
  • Start-up: Founded and managed 5+ startups that is backed by Angels, Seed Funding, and Venture Capital
  • Code: Built and release 5+ projects on DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs, combined about 60+ years of coding experience.
  • Background: Tech Start-up, Crypto start-up, Private Equity, Venture Capital, digital media agency, FMCG, Real Estate, Operation, Audit.
  • Network reach: Asian Pacific, North America.

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Thanks for the response!

The last twitter question!

Does your projet t support staking program? If yes, how is your stake system working? Watch the requirements for the user if they want to stake in your plateform?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Also I forget to mention 90% of our team now take $xBlade token as salary. That’s how degens our team is.

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

That proof the serious of your team and the power of the project

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Yes nothing goes better than commitment with money. Not talking bullshit :).

For the last question, yes we have the staking program in our Twitter and website to find about our Bond program — Because links are not allowed here so please go visiting our website and check our Bonds. Currently we have 3 on-going Bond, that look as followed:

Token holders can buy $xBlade for cheaper should they buy Bond and have the token locked up in certain period of time: 7 days and 50 days. The respective yield is 17% and 33%

For the token holders, we have $xBlade-to-$xBlade staking program with 18% yield in 220 days.

So if you don’t plan to sell $xBlade in any time soon during 220 days, then staking is a great way to go. The team stakes a lot ourselves too.

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

Thanks for the opportunity you give! I invite everyone to come and visit your team’s Discord and twitter (the link will be in the announcements)

So if someone has a question for @Tri , don’t hesitate to ask him!

OK we have two questions! @Tri its for you


Is the gameplay easy ,can a traditional game player get started without having to deal with complexity of blockchain ? Also, does interaction with blockchain needs to happen often during gameplay ?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Yes — the game play is very simple and easy to learn. In fact the fact that the game is built on blockchain is not a hurdle for gamers to overcome.

Essentially from a casual gamers perspective they don’t care if the game is block-chain or not, right? they want to achieve 2 things when they play game: (1) usually that’s for enjoyment, and now (2) make some money along the way thanks to the blockchain technology.

So the complexity of blockchain is the thing that we as the team deal on the backend, from the gamers perspective it should not be a hurdle. But of course the gamers need to know how to navigate among wallets and sell/buy through DEX etc. If you’re well verse in decentralized blockchain world, it should be very intuitive and easy.

Please also check out our Wiki and Medium for instruction to play the game.

We are about to release official Youtube video instruction too.


Can your game satisfy an busy engineer like me?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

For this one — let say, it’s very hard to satisfy one single individual because everyone of us is different. And you might like real-time strategy game better than some other people with same age, location, physical appearance, etc that might like mobile casual game. So it’s hard to say if it suits any particular person. But over a large sample size, then we have a good chance:

  • Age: 18–35 (which open to 65 yr-old)
  • Gender: Both male and female, but probably more appealing into male at this moment
  • Location: Metropolitan, urban living, worldwide
  • Income: $500+/ month
  • Target to play game: Casual and for entertainment, 5–10 min/day

So yes, to suit you in particular — might be hard. But the game will suit a lot of people who are similar to you!


I see the bond sale program. The ROI looks great. But is there the purchase limit? And can we redeem anytime?

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Purchase is good while it last.

It is linear redeem. Meaning you can redeem it daily till the day the bond expire. But you can also forget about it and go back at the end term of the bond and redeem once and for all.


Thank you. Take a lot soon.

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Yeah! We sold/lock-up total $100K for the past 2 weeks!

Degen Ape Lover | Degen Ape Strike Club

thanks a lot for the time you spent with us today @Tri

That was a great moment with you and we see you on telegram In a short time for the Degen Ape Strike Club AMA!

Tri | XBN & xBlade

Yes thank you for having me in the Degen Ape Strike community as well! Love you guys ideas on the NFTs and look forward to bring you guys back to our community to share about the project!

The end ./.



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