CryptoWar — FAQs

24 Jan 2022

Q: Where to buy xBlade?

Pancakeswap: exchange: xBlade/USDT

Q: What is slippage to use?

Q: What is ROI of the game, in PvE mode?
A: A: The ROI for PvE mode is 50% annually. It is applicable when you mint a new Hero at $250/Hero. On average, break-even time is 3–4 months. The value/playing time is about $30/hour which is good because our game does not require significant playing time.

Note that by minting a new hero, you will get a free weapon to play the game with a condition that you don’t have any weapon in that specific account.

If you have good strategy to buy discount Hero & weapon in our in-game marketplace, you will have much significantly lower initial capital. It means in the long run, you will have much higher ROI than 50% annually.

Additionally, with PvP mode, your ROI will be possibly higher than 50%. Because with PvP mode, you can fight as many battles as you want.
No limit on Stamina recovery, no limit of total fights per day, etc. Of course, as always, you can win or lose when you fight against opponents in our PvP mode.

Q: Are there tutorial vidoes on how to play CryptoWar?

Q: How much does an initial capital cost to start with CryptoWar?

  • The basic cost for 1 Hero (if you mint it) is $250. Fortunately, by minting your first Hero, you will be rewarded ONE free weapon.
  • Fortunately, we also have in-game Marketplace in which you can find discounted Heroes & weapons. It means you can buy Heroes from Marketplace at cheaper or higher price than $250 AND one more advantage is you can choose Element for your Heroes (Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning).

Q: What are advantages & disadvantages of buying Heroes & Weapons in in-game Marketplace?


  • You can choose your favorite Element for Heroes or Weapons to maximize usecases of weapons
  • You can buy them at cheaper price from weak hands.


  • You might have to accept more expensive price than Minting a new Hero or Open boxes for weapons (Common/ Rare/ Epic box)
  • You might have to spend more time to observe the Marketplace & need luck to buy good & cheap items.

Sum up, if you don’t want to waste your time & try your luck, let’s mint new Heroes & open boxes!

Q: Will I receive free weapons to play CryptoWar?

  • They mint a new Hero AND they don’t own any weapon in their address. If they open box first, then mint a new Hero, there is no free weapon
  • If they buy a Hero in in-game Marketplace, no free weapon given.
  • If they mint a second, third, etc. Hero, no more free weapon.

Q: Does your game have Oracle?

Q: How do I trade / move my character or weapon from one wallet to another?

Q: What is XP point? Do I have to claim it?

  • XP points are experienced points which are used to level up your Heroes.
  • Get more details at Character Levels & required experience per level
  • You have to claim your XPs manually, at once for all Heroes you have in one address.
  • How? At the top, click on Claim XP at the left corner. All your Heroes in 1 address will be ranked up at once.

Q: Could you help me to understand more about Pros & Cons when I rank up my Heroes?

  • When you claim your XP points in order to rank up, your Heroes’ll have higher power, so that with each win, you will receiver higher rewards.
  • Stamina needs a bit more time to recharge but think of it this way, you will fight less & reduce gas cost.
  • It’s good in general and better when you join our PvP that is closely to be launched

Q: How much rewards in $xBlades I can get if I fight at different stamina & win my fight?

Read more:

Q: What is xGem?

  • xGem price : 1 xGem = 0.15 USD
  • xGem is NOT a token, it can only be used in-game to purchase NFTs

Amount of xGem earn per fight will be as follows

  • Lose Fight : 1 xGem per fight
  • Win Fight : randomly 1, 2 or 3 xGem per fight.

Read more:

Q: What is Bond?

Then read our tutorial articles on CryptoWar Bonds:

How to buy & redeem CryptoWar Bonds

Changes in Bond ROIs

Q: Can I buy a specific bond multiple times?

Read more details in the section, What if I buy a specific bond more than once?

Q: Does vesting period change each new round?

However, for BUSD 50-days & $xBlade 200-days, each new round, vesting period will increase a little bit as follows:

  • BUSD 50-days: +5 days / new round
  • xBlade 200-days: +20 days / new round

Q: What is Sales Tax?




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