Guide to buy OPEN bond with Harmony ONE

As part of our launch on Harmony main net, we also launch OPEN bond for Harmony community so that they can use Harmony ONE to buy our bonds.

Capital from bond sale will be used to add liquidity for OPEN on Harmony

There are 5 bond types with corresponding ROIs as well as different linear vesting times. Let’s check it out!

A few simple steps to buy OPEN bond

  1. Type in your wallet password and Log in your wallet
  2. Switch your network to Harmony Main net
  3. Go to a bond page for Harmony ONE
  4. Connect your wallet
  5. Take a look at ROIs and Vesting times, then choose a relevant bond for you to buy
  6. Buy a relevant bond
  7. Redeem your claimable reward

If you have yet add Harmony main net to your wallet, please read another article

Link: will be given later on 7th July 2022

As you can see, there are 5 bonds with different ROIs and vesting times

  1. Vesting time: 5 years > ROI: 1188.29%
  2. Vesting time: 3 years > ROI: 544.14%
  3. Vesting time: 2 years > ROI: 329.43%
  4. Vesting time: 18 months > ROI: 268.08%
  5. Vesting time: 12 months > ROI: 222.07%

Click on Connect wallet at the top right corner, then choose Metamask

For example, let’s take a look at 5-year and 12-month bonds, with 10 ONE for purchasing.

5-year bond: You’ll receive ~ 61 OPEN in total

12-month bond: You’ll receive ~ 15 OPEN in total

Type in details of your purchase: amount, check details and finish an on-chain transaction.

Assume to buy 12-month bond

Pay your attention on warning message if you buy a specific bond more than once

You have an existing mint. Minting will reset your vesting period and forfeit any pending claimable rewards. We recommend claiming rewards first or using a fresh wallet. Do you still wish to proceed?

If you buy a specific bond for a first time, you won’t see this message.

What does it means?

  • Your vesting period will reset to 0
  • Pending Claimable reward will reset to 0

So if you buy OPEN bond on 7th July 2022, and want to buy other bonds on 14th July 2022, 21th July 2022, etc., we strongly advise you to use a new wallet for this purpose. Else, you will have to wait longer to claim your previous Bond(s).

However, if you have plans to buy multiple times, in short period of time, within a few minutes, you can do it with a single wallet. Because reset does not have big effect in this case.

When your on-chain transaction finished, you will see a notification

Let the count down timer runs and redeem your rewards if you want to.

When you claim it, click on Redeem and you must make another on-chain transaction. In order to save fee, you can claim your reward when vesting time completes. Note that vesting time is linear, and you can claim reward anytime you want, if you don’t mind about transaction fee.

  • Sale price of each bond is fixed
  • ROI of each bond will be changed by market price



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