How to buy & redeem CryptoWar Bonds

  • BUSD 7-Days
  • BUSD 30-Days
  • Later, we releases xBlade 180-Days Bond.
  1. Prepare a compatible wallet such as MetaMask, SafePal, C98, etc.
  2. Prepare your BUSD or xBlade for BUSD bonds and xBlade bond respectively.
  3. Identify which Bond you want to buy. See a summary table for Vesting term and ROI


  • Max for each round you buy a bond
  • In total, no max cap, you can buy as much as you want!
  • Due to high demand, after each round of BUSD 50-days & xBlade 220-Days Bonds, we will increase vesting time for the next round
  • BUSD 50-days: increase 5 days/ round
  • xBlade 220-days: increase 20 days/ round.
  • What does it mean? The earlier you buy our Bonds, the shorter vesting time you will have to wait for completion of your Bond.
  • Enter the amount you want to buy
  • Max you can buy: 28,000 xBlade (each time)

What if I buy a specific bond more than once?

  • Your vesting period will reset to 0
  • Pending Claimable reward will reset to 0

What are benefits for investors by buying bonds in particular and for xBlade price in general?

  • Bonds are for long term investors. After you buy a bond, your initial capital will be locked and it will only be claimed linear over vesting period.
  • It means you won’t be able to unlock your initial capital at once whenever you want. You have to do this gradually, with linear vesting terms (read in Wiki).
  • It has good effects for investors who are bad with patience & discipline for their investment plan. They can find hidden gems but fail to HODL and get rich. As the saying goes “If you can’t HODL, you can’t get rich”. Our Bonds help you to make sure you won’t break your HODL plan.
  • 50% BUSD will be added to Liquidity Pool by : 25% to buy xBlade + 25% add directly to Liquidity Pool.
  • 50% BUSD will remain and execute Buy Back mechanism every 8 hours by 1% of total amount.
  • ROI: fixed, unchanged
  • Vesting period: will be changed for BUSD 50-days & xBlade 220-days after each round. +5 days for BUSD-days & +20 days for 220-days / round. Therefore, if you want to HODL, don’t hesitate to buy our Bonds.
  • Pay attention on reset on Vesting period & Pending Claimable tokens
  • No max of Bond cap for each address. You can buy as much as you want!

The earlier you buy Bond, the shorter Vesting period you will have! Hurry up guys




A blockchain enabled cross-platform, multi-chain & distinct metaverse world

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A blockchain enabled cross-platform, multi-chain & distinct metaverse world

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