How to Get Started with CryptoWar

After 1 month of stealth launch with zero marketing in October 2021, CryptoWar started to catch the attention of the GameFi community after being the Number 1 Top Gainer on 4 categories on CoinMarketCap.

And even during a deep market correction of December 2021, while the majority of crypto projects took a dive, xBlade token still held the price quite well.

We at CryptoWar believe that this is all just a sneak peek into the potential of CryptoWar project and the crazy gains are yet to be witnessed.

What is CryptoWar?

CryptoWar is a GameFi project that focuses on multiple Play-to-Earn mechanics through simple gameplay. Forked and improved on BSC by the brains behind XBN, a successful DeFi protocol, we are meticulous in ensuring a sustainable tokenomics with positive ROI for patient gamers.

Our mission at CryptoWar is to become a sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem that brings enjoyment and roads to wealth creation for the general public.

Founded by a team of crypto enthusiasts with years of experience, CryptoWar development is guided with 3 core values:

  • Enjoyability: we want our game to be played by the general public.
  • Opportunities to Pursuit Wealth Creation: we aim to apply the most cutting-edge protocols in DeFi and GameFi for the benefit of the CryptoWar gamers.
  • Sustainability: we are serious about following our 5-year-long Roadmap.

How can you get involved in CryptoWar?

The most direct and most active way for you to benefit from CryptoWar is to play the game.

To participate in combats, you need Hero and weapons in CryptoWar, which is minted and traded as NFT.

If you mint a new hero at 250$ of xBlade tokens, you will receive 1 Hero and 1 Weapon, both starting out at level 1. Or you can try looking for a good deal by going through CryptoWar market place, on which you can buy and sell Hero & Weapon NFT.

With at least 1 Hero & 1 Weapon, you can start combating and earning xBlade with CryptoWar.

Each combat will cost a bit of gas fee, if you win the combat, you earn xBlade token. If you lose, you will receive a little bit amount of xBlade to partly cover your gas fee. Yes, you can still earn a bit of xBlade even if you lose.

If you want to learn the deeper tactics in CryptoWar combat, check this article (Part 2).

From our side, the team is in the process of listing CryptoWar NFT on multiple BSC marketplaces, increasing liquidity for our gamers.

Or, even simpler, if you trust in the potential of CryptoWar, you can just simply buy xBlade token on a number of available exchanges and sit on an appreciating bag.

How to get started with CryptoWar?

We hope at this point, you are asking yourself how to get started, where to buy xBlade.

This is simplest way:

  • Step 1: Set up a MetaMask account
  • Step 2: Connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain. Read this guide from Binance
  • Step 3: Make sure you have BNB or BUSD in your Metamask (available for purchase on Binance, Coinbase, FTX, etc.), especially BNB which is necessary to pay gas for your fight or transactions to mint Heroes, open boxes or buying NFTs in in-game Marketplace.
  • Step 4: Buy xBlade on PancakeSwap

You can add xBlade on your watchlist on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to follow the price movement:

xBlade token is also available on:



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