Meet The Team — Tam Nguyen, CTO & Levi, Product Manager

Hello and welcome back to the 2nd episode of the #MeetTheTeam series.

Today we’ll meet the people in charge of the OpenWorld metaverse’s technology. Please allow me to share the stories of our CTO and Product Manager (*I promise it won’t be too geeky)

Levi: Hello everyone. I’m Nam, codename Levi, Product Manager of OpenWorld

Tam: Hello guys. I’m Tam Nguyen, CTO of OpenWorld

Dee: Your first experiences working with Blockchain?

Tam: My first experience with blockchain was quite interesting. I’ve been working with blockchain for quite some time.

At that time, blockchain really wasn’t as popular as it is now because it was quite primitive. The community was not big. There weren’t many documents to study and learn from.

Only Defi, Staking, Lending, and DEX exchanges existed at the time. I also built a few similar products

The fact that everything was brand new was the most interesting part and it forced me to learn a lot. And that’s what I found the most interesting.

From the time I started until now, the blockchain technology has evolved at an incredible speed, from Defi & simple Dapps now we have Defi 2.0, 3.0, GameFi, MoveToEarn and the biggest, most promising is Metaverse

Levi: Around the beginning of 2020 began to bloom the concept of GameFi and NFT.

I used to work in the game industry. No one knew what GameFi was or how it functioned at the moment, everyone was curious.

After being approached and understanding blockchain. To me, it seemed like a revolution, it turned all the things that I thought were impossible before.

That’s when I realized I wanted to be a part of the revolution.

Because in the field of technology, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a breakthrough, as powerful and as hopeful as blockchain, after the age of the internet

Dai: What is your role? What do you do on a daily basis?

Levi: Tam and I have a very close working connection, two brothers working side by side. We are focusing on the prototype, the MVP for the current OpenWorld and beyond, the completed Metaverse follows the vision we have set.

Tam: Currently, my role at OpenWorld is to build and develop Metaverse. My work is more related to technical than Levi.

My daily job is to plan the development of OW features. Manage the progress of the dev team and deploying infrastructure for OW Metaverse

Make sure those features are released on schedule thereby helping our community to experience the product as soon as possible and with the highest quality.

Dai: What interests you about Web 3.0?

Levi: In order to know what I’m interested in Web 3.0, I’ll probably talk about Web 2.0 first.

Web 2.0, as we all know about the internet so far, all the data we have and upload to social networks or digital platforms, is owned by the companies that provide that service such as Google, Facebook, and Linkedin..

They have the right to use our data, we don’t really know what they are using it for, that’s their business.

And when Web 3.0 gradually becomes a concept and has an actual product, everything revolves around “decentralize”.

That means no one, no organization stands behind owning your digital assets. Then you are the real owner and you have full rights to do business, and get royalties.

Now you’re the real owner of your digital assets. It’s a huge difference and is the driving force behind for everyone to see it as a real revolution

Tam: Web 3.0 is a 3rd version of the website already. It provides a decentralized network and is meant not to belong to anyone but the users.

And it provides a lot of related technology like blockchain or P2P network between one user and another without going through an intermediary server.

So the ownership of the user is higher than Web 2.0 where everything has to go through a 3rd party and we don’t know if it has been changed or owned by someone else?

Dai: How hard is it to build the Metaverse?

Levi: I must say it’s very difficult. Because as you can see OpenWorld and many other projects on the world market right now are pioneers

Pioneers who develop standards and concepts so that users can have a clearer picture of the Metaverse. Of course, there will be a lot of ideas and different ways of doing it.

It’s an advantage as well as a pleasure when new projects like OpenWorld got involved in the first place, in the founding stage of the whole Metaverse Blockchain industry. It is both a joy and a great challenge for the pioneers

Tam: In terms of technology, it is very difficult to build Metaverse, because we need to combine many different technologies.

In terms of users, we need to have a really smooth user experience. And Metaverse is a virtual world, so we need to be able to interact with that virtual world, and make it similar to real life.

Then it will need very difficult algorithms and its infrastructure must also accommodate such experiences. It’s really hard, it takes a lot of work and time to do it.

Dai: What is OpenWorld’s ultimate goal?

Levi: As Tam just shared, the pathway that we can go to OpenWorld Metaverse complete version, achieve everyone’s dream, people who are participating in the project, and our community in general. It will take a lot of time and effort and human resources

The ultimate goal of OpenWorld we want to bring is a world that feels both familiar compared to the real world and also gives a very new feeling.

Where you can do the things you do in the real world but at the same time, you can also do things that you can’t do in the real world, and solve problems you can’t solve in the real world inside OpenWorld. That is the ultimate goal the OpenWorld team wants to deliver to users.

In terms of entertainment, exploration, and finance. I don’t want to avoid financial issues, people think it’s a sensitive issue but it’s actually very important.

It’s very important when we want to build a digital world, then finance is one of the three tridents for the system to run smoothly.

It’s a long road story, as a product manager, I have to divide the roadmap into different stages to be able to deliver the product to the user, products that are suitable for each stage.

We can’t let you guys wait for 3–4 years to release the product, that’s unacceptable!

Then I and the team will release products in stages and they will be gradually upgraded. Like raising a baby, it will grow into a wildly successful adult.

Tam: Rome wasn’t built overnight, and for everyone to enjoy, everything must take time.

It’s hard and it’s long so the team will try to deliver as many as possible and in stages then everyone can get new ones faster.

It’s an upgrade from what the team has done before and hopefully in a few years we will enjoy together a complete version of OpenWorld Metaverse.

Levi: I also think that’s a good thing for the community that accompanies OpenWorld from the initial stage until the project is successful.

It’s like we’re building it together, going through a lot of different levels (emotions) and stages. When the project is successful, it will bring a lot of meaning for the whole team and for you

Dai: Why is blockchain necessary to achieve that goal?

Levi: Blockchain is the core technology, it has solved a lot of problems that could not be solved before for the purpose of building our metaverse.

When blockchain was born and growing, it brings a lot of solutions and solves a lot of problems.

Dai: What do you think of the team?

Tam: Actually, I’ve known since the beginning that my squad is a real deal. Everyone is really heated and does things in the best way for the users. They’re willing to give up everything to achieve the goal.

There are times when we have to work around the clock, hoping for a timely release of the product so that users may have a taste of it.

Levi: Everyone has a startup spirit, there is a true transformation and something very fresh.

Everyone excels in a certain area. When I’m bringing everyone together as a Product Manager, it formed a perfectly sharp diamond. I feel quite lucky and proud to be a part of the team, a team with a high level of real-world combat ability. I have a lot of faith in my team.

Because we have been running the project for more than 1 year, through many waves of GameFi, and the massacre of the market..but OpenWorld (which was CryptoWar) is still there with you, with the users.

And we’ve got a route, the switch from CryptoWar to OpenWorld was seamless. The first prototype has been delivered, which means everything is going according to plan. After so many ups and downs, the team is in no trouble.

Dai: Do you find that your workload decreases during the downtrend?

Levi: When the market cools down (aka downtrend). It’s an opportunity for real projects that want to bring real products and services like OpenWorld. It gives us more time and partly reduces the financial burden, to actually build this project for users.

Because in the past, when the market was extremely hot, everything was hot and created a lot of pressure, leading to a lot of cases like a scam, as you have seen.

And when the market has cooled down, then we have the opportunity to work for real

Dai: Working on a challenging project needs a high level of attention. How do you relax after work hours?

Tam: After stressful working hours, I usually go to sports, or maybe I’ll go on a trip from time to time, about once every 1 or 2 months to relieve stress.

Working at OpenWorld is actually quite stressful

Levi: Yes, quite stressful, very tense. I do like playing soccer. Those are the times for me to refresh my mind

Dai: Is there anything you’d want to say to our community?

Tam: First and foremost, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported CryptoWar in its former version. And not it’s OpenWorld.

Thank you very much for your input, your feedback that helped to improve the product to where it is now. I sincerely hope that everyone can continue to support OpenWorld as it progresses to greater and better versions.

One day, when we all look back and see how far we’ve come. We’ll realize how much we’ve changed along with your contribution.

Overall, the Metaverse is vast and time-consuming. When everyone can contribute that much time, I believe the benefits you may gain will be worth the effort.

Levi: For those of you who have been following OpenWorld since fresh, from CryptoWar to the very strong move to OpenWorld, the team would like to thank you for your support, I personally really appreciate it.

Because I’ve never seen any project that has gone through so much bloody carnage, divided dozens of times, hundreds of times, sometimes millions but OpenWorld still maintains a good stable price. It’s a victory we can all be proud of.

And to be honest, many people are only here because it’s a money game, right? But I really want us to go further and wider.

Let’s join hands and contribute to building a world we can be proud of, proud that we have contributed to building that world from the very first day, from the very beginning, from these talks in 2022 till the success of OpenWorld later in the future.

It is truly a legacy that you have contributed to our team.

Thank you

From OpenWorld Team



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