Product update — April 2022

Product update

As we announced previously, we rebranded the project from CryptoWar to OpenWorld by which there are some changes

Since the rebrand, the previous game CryptoWar has become a mini-game in OpenWorld. To achieve the main objective of OpenWorld in-game economy that is a sound circular one based on real monetary flow, we will stop the mini-game.

  • You can keep playing the game from now until 6th June 2022.
  • After 6th June 2022, the mini-game will be stopped.
  • NFTs from the mini-game will be converted to OpenWorld NFTs.
  • Details about NFT conversion will be announced later.

Sneak peek about OpenWorld Metaverse


  • Buy there:
  • $OPEN 260-day bond: Sold out !
  • BUSD 55-day & $BUSD 7-day: Last 200,000 $OPEN for purchasing. We will stop releasing new bonds after that. So hurry up, buy our bonds and HODL!
  • Tutorial



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