Wandering Through OpenWorld — 2022/08 Memo

  • BSC — Treasury: 0x2B0Ae181FE6C13Bd40Acd3dC9ce5B0C323a9d8Ae
  • BSC — Staking Reserve: 0x0c89c0407775dd89b12918b9c0aa42bf96518820
  • BSC — Market Liquidity Reserve: 0xc7e87456d0a3acce76237677ce9aafdf8b0caa70
  • Harmony — Reserve: 0x9fB83c0635De2E815fd1c21b3a292277540C2e8d
  • Harmony — Treasury: 0x7c9ABB808b4aC32C6C543765D26Da2befBe379Ba
  • Admin Fund: 0xC96f767122178A1FF11521e2a6D74c318Bcc445F
  • Management & Marketing Fund: 0x2cE6Ce8c8107Cbd2Acc6c4D05E4e743eb0F0aeA5
  • Product Team Fund: 0xba6409427e2313266958319a9e18bdC9726d2289



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