Why we change our project name to OpenWorld

  1. It has to reflect either (a) who we are, or (b) what we do, or © what we envision, or (d) our values.
  2. It has to be simple and elegant.
  3. It has to be register-able as a domain.
  4. It has to be meaningful.
  • To the future
  • To the sky
  • To space and time
  • To the infrastructure that create the digital world
  1. It is open, vast, endless. Just like the digital world we want to build.
  2. It is a world. It reflects the Metaverse.
  3. From (1) and (2) it reflect who we are, what we do, what we envision, and our values (awesome, open).
  4. It gives us an opportunity to do whatever and build whatever in there: you want racing car game? done! you want selling digital clothing? done! you want buying virtual lands? done! you want to fight dragon? done! and the list just go on without any restriction.
  5. OpenWorld also have politic and social meaning, when the world is open and transparent, war and hatred will be replace by peace and prosperity. Win-lose will be replace by win-win. If we can build a digital worlds that is endless, open, peaceful and prosperous, why don’t real life politicians learn from it and opt for peace instead of for war?
  6. OpenWorld can be big and overreaching. Think about another names such as Standard Oil in oil industry, General Electric in electricity, General Motors in cars, Bank of International Settlement (BIS), and the like.
  7. OpenWorld invites everyone to build and own. It’s an open world. It’s not our world alone.



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